I’ve just got back from Campbell Island (New Zealand subantarctic island) after ~ 6 weeks of pestering NZ sea lion pups.

The contrast between civilisation (floors, running water, electricity, internet) and sleeping in a tent on a remote island battling the raw elements (or rather learning to be at peace with them) makes the trip feel like a dream.

I’m working on my finishing up and submitting my PhD thesis by the end of March. After that I finally get to experience post-PhD depression where I try to figure out what’s next in life.

I’m getting more disciplined with intermittent fasting. In the field I was eating from 7 – 3 pm. Big breakfast and lunch. Now that I’m back in modern society, I’m changing my eating window to ~ 11 am to 7 pm because of schedules and commitments (physical training).

I’m also getting back into photography now that I’ve learned about ND filters and long exposures thanks to a friend who’s also gotten into it.

Another goal in the near future is to finish post-processing all my photos of my trip and not leave it untouched for another year like I did last time.

I’ve also started using Sam Harriss’s Waking Up meditation app. Highly recommend, especially for the lessons (did you know we don’t have free will?!)

Also started a digital journal in a .txt file inspired by Derek Sivers. Feels good not having to worry about accumulating physical copies of journals.

Listening to: 

Principles by Ray Dalio audiobook

Pondering on:

Taking bets and failing painfully but not failing too badly to get kicked out of the game.


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